• Interpersonal Skills
    Through basic human interaction, we are able to greatly increase our employee’s interpersonal communication skills. These skills are applied in all phases of our program from the basic sales to management of employees.

  • Personal Development
    We look at our employees as stocks that we want to build. Our training curriculum is set up with the flexibility to conform to each individual’s needs. This is not a one size fits all training. It’s a curriculum built around the employee’s strengths and weaknesses

  • Self Management
    Our training starts first by identifying whether a candidate has the ability to manage themselves or not. For some people, this is extremely easy. For others, an insurmountable task. Either way we first evaluate a candidate based on how well they manage themselves on a daily and weekly basis.

  • Peer Management
    One of the hardest forms of management in the workplace is peer management. Getting your fellow workers to want to follow you and listen to you as their peer not just their boss. This leadership by example form of management is the core of our training curriculum where every single candidate starts with the exact same job. This creates respect and understanding between management and the employees.

  • Small Group Management
    Once a candidate shows us that they can manage themselves, the next logical step is to see how they perform when managing a small group of people. By challenging a candidate as a leader of their peers and placing them in a position where they need to manage a small group of individuals, we can normally see a lot of strengths and weaknesses show themselves. This also allows us to see how well respected thecandidate is by their fellow employees.

  • Office Management
    After the candidate shows us that they can manage the personnel, our focus changes gears to more administrative management. Duties include payroll, hiring process, client relations, advertising etc. We are a people business so that is a huge part of our training; however, without proper training and organizational skills we would not be able to grow our business as efficiently as we want.



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At our company Mass Visions Inc., we have learned to leverage the transformative power of teamwork. Our
high-achieving executives fuse their diverse talents to make every campaign a unique
work of art. We also maintain a supportive environment that inspires each team
member’s best efforts and rewards outstanding contributions. Through our commitment
to progressive training and constant improvement, we foster a versatile and reliable
group of professionals.
Our continued success is due to the efforts of our exceptional team of sales and
marketing analysts. Mass Vision Inc. stresses integrity and creativity in all our
professional interactions, and this results in consistent wins for our firm and for the
brands we represent



Mass Visions is an innovative promotional leader, with a reputation built by our team of
dedicated professionals. We work closely with a variety of brands to generate increased
market share and customer loyalty through customized interactive campaigns. Through
the implementation of memorable interactive promotions, we generate heightened
visibility and customer engagement. By focusing on professional development and
teamwork, we make sure that our associates are equipped to capture the public’s
attention and drive increased profitability for every brand we promote.