Mass Visions Encourage Networking

We all network on some level, whether we are conscious of it or not. When we connect with colleagues or friends, conversations we have in the workplace or outside in your personal life, if we’re asking questions, learning and building relationships with people, we are networking. Once we know we are doing it and understanding what we are gaining from this process, we can become experts at it. We can use networking as a vital tool for enhancing our career and personal life.

Managing director Jason Ward of Mass Visions has mastered his networking game and it has become a key tool within the structure of his self-made enterprise. Encouraging networking amongst his team of marketing experts, Jason Ward requires them to network with each other and other industry greats. “The key to networking is to make every conversation count. Ask for help, give help, learn, teach, find out information and build solid relationships. Networking will only make you better in your field and more resourceful as an individual”, says Jason.

If you really want to be successful, you should make every effort to network, invest your time and see the value in making time to meet with people, talk to them, even travel or attend functions to meet with them. Travel to new cities to gain new contacts, ideas and surround yourself in new environments which you can explore and learn in.

“Here at Mass Visions, we are very passionate about networking, we have a lot of fun attending industry functions and meeting with successful marketing entrepreneurs and gurus in our field. We invest our time into networking, we see the benefits in travelling together across the country to be taught things from the best, to ask questions, to gain new contacts and information. Even outside of the workplace, we all utilise our networking skills, when meeting people we build strong and honest relationships with them, we have many useful contacts for a variety of things like, engineers, decorators or even a tailor, all because we take time to people, ask questions and aren’t afraid to find out a person’s talent” Jason explains.


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